[ZOOMING HISTORIES] | Lördag 16 Juni

International festival of audio-visual arts VIDEOLOGIA is one the major art events in the sphere of independent short cinema and video in Russia. It integrates selection program of the best entries with curatorial screenings, master classes of jury members, exhibitions, art theory forums and musical performances. VIDEOLOGIA takes place every year in Volgograd (Russia), the forth festival will start on November 8, 2007.

Films of different kinds are welcome to participate: from video art and experimental cinema to documentaries and animation. The only equivalent that unites works of different genres, styles and techniques, from different continents and generations is the annually changing concept of the festival. Curators of VIDEOLOGIA 2006 are now happy to call for submissions to its 2007 selection program!

Conceptual pattern of VIDEOLOGIA 2007 is [ZOOMING HISTORIES] .
We detail imagery and distance ourselves from it, we alternate close ups with long panoramic shots, we by turns concentrate on one sound and on their multitude. Doing so we zoom the visual and the audible course of events, grasp different scopes of the narratives that record them in figurative forms or, on the contrary, we refuse fixating on any representative figures. VIDEOLOGIA 2007 is interested in the shuttle type of senses movement between personal stories of authors and episodes of multidirectional social history.

For any information please mail us volgafest@yandex.ru
or visit the official web site http://www.videology.ru/forum

Send your works only to:

Yaroslav V. Khokhlov
Do vostrebovaniya
Volgograd 400066