Central European Pitch Forum | Söndag 20 Maj

Let me remind you that the application deadline for the Central European Pitch Forum has been extended. The new deadline is 31 May.

As you may remember, this initiative is a screenplay market designed to help aspiring screenwriters from all over Europe to make their first sell.

We are very proud to announce that the line-up for our advisory/jury panel and the presentation trainer team has been confirmed.

They are acclaimed writer-director Richard Kwietniowski (UK), writer-director and screenwriting professor Giovanni Robbiano (I), screenwriter and Polish Institute deputy director Maciej Karpinski (PL). Head of the jury is writer-producer and president of the Federation of Screenwriters in Europe Christina Kallas.

The two presentation coaches who will prepare our participants for the actual pitch session are renowned writer/trainer Jurgen Wolff and journalist, writer and presentation expert Rupert Widdicombe.

Bear in mind please that application and participation in the Central European Pitch Forum are completely free.

Gabor Krigler
writer/story editor
project manager
Central European Pitch Forum