Europäisches Kurzfilmfestival | Lördag 16 December

The festival "BerlinerFilmFenster "aims on drawing the public's attention on short films made by independent filmmakers from middle and Eastern Europe. It is also a platform to get in contact with these filmmakers and to keep the communication between the different cultures of Eastern and Western Europe alive.

The 3rd "BerlinerFilmFenster" takes place in Berlin from 16.03.2007 - 18.03.2007. The festival again presents today's short film productions like animations, documentations and many more.
Following short films (not longer than 20 minutes) are allowed to take part
- Amateur films
- Low budget films with non-commercial intention
- Student films
Which have the following motto:
"Videofilmer - This time's Chroniclers"
what clearly reflects corporative changes (within the society) and their impact on people's life within the respective country.
Permitted formats: Video VHS, SVHS (PAL, Secam), MiniDV, DVD (+/-)
Films in mother tongue are only allowed with English or German subtitles. If possible, please send also some extra information like

Deadline for reaching in a VHS (a tape is sufficient regarding the pre-selection process) as a contribution (inclusive fully filled-in registrations and entry forms) is 31st December 2006.
A copy for showing the films should only be sent after an official invitation. This copy then has to be arrived by the organizers on 1st March 2006; otherwise the pre-selected contribution can't take part in the festival's competition.
For further sending information see the registration form.
Accepted contributions can be seen on the web not earlier than 15th February 2007:

Please send any correspondence and the entries to:
ars cinema berlin e.V
Frau Beate Müller
Pistoriusstrasse 31
D-13086 Berlin
Tel./Fax: (++49)(+30)926 92 50

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