Interactive, Digital Film Course |  07 11

The Foundation ABCinema proudly presents the international edition of the world‘s first interactive, digital film course. Because we think this is of interest for the members of Filmklubben Parentesen, we'll send you this once only announcement. Extensive information can be found on our website: .

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
There are many good books about making movies. However, they have their limitations. A book tells the story of the movie in words, whereas the film consists of images. ABCinema is based on the latest techniques where word and image go hand in hand. The course explains not only the strength of a shot or a particular scene, but it also shows it directly. ABCinema is an interactive, digital film course.

The film course ABCinema is for the beginner to the more experienced filmmaker. But it also appeals to the movie fan who is interested in film in general. ABCinema is informative, user friendly and much fun.

The Movie Player
ABCinema contains a large collection of known and unknown film clips from 1878 until now. Each fragment is an example of a new discovery: film language, editing, camera movement, image cutouts, sound, talkies, color film, acting method, etc.

The Animation Player
Topics like "point of view", "direction of movement" or the "180 degree rule"' are clearly illustrated in the animation player. For each subject, a scene in 3D has been designed. This scene comes to life on the floor plan, as well as in the 3D-player.

Animation of Famous Scenes
Furthermore, the movie player has been linked to the animation player. Famous scenes are animated and then synchronized with the original movie. In this way, you get an excellent insight into the structure of the original scene.

The course
The course consists of text (over 300 pages) and motion pictures (over 14 hours). For a general idea of the course we've made a preview of each chapter and prepared it for the Internet ( ). In addition, a couple of instruction videos will give a clear picture of design and result.

We would appreciate it if you would inform the members of Filmklubben Parentesen about the website and the course.

On behalf of the Foundation ABCinema,

Harry Fitié (Chairman)