The International Festival of Children's and Young People's Cine and Video Creative Art "PETERSBURG SCREEN" |  31 03

Дорогие друзья!
Приглашаем Вас к участию
в нашем кинофестивале!
Ждем Ваши фильмы в Санкт-Петербурге!
Каждый присланный Вами фильм получает ДИПЛОМ нашего фестиваля.

С уважением
директор фестиваля
Борис Сергеев

Dear friends!
We invite you to participation in our film festival!
We wait your films in St.-Petersburg!
Each film sent by you receives the DIPLOMA of our festival.
Yours faithfully
director of festival
Boris Sergeev


The International Festival of Children's and Young People's Cine and Video Creative Art "PETERSBURG SCREEN" (hereinafter referred to as "the Festival") is aimed towards finding and support of gifted children and young people in the sphere of cinematograph.

o Involvement of gifted children and young people in active participation in making films demonstrating and confirming human values
o Strengthening of international creative ties between mates
o Setting up an international cine-and-video creative-art laboratory for children and young people
o Introduction of creative achievements of young authors to international public

The direct management of organization and preparation of the festival is made by the Organising Committee.

The festival will be held from 25 to 30 May, 2009 in St. Petersburg

Films authors must be not over 18 years old.


The Organising Committee of the festival accepts applications, fees and films up to 30 April, 2009 at the address:
190000, St. Petersburg, P.O. Box 241, Sergeev Boris Ivanovich.
Every film is a subject of separate application made in printed letters as per the enclosed form.

Fax: 007-812-2713400


The festival Organising Committee accepts films of any genre.
Television items, television interviews and television performances are not accepted for the Festival. Maximum 10 films are accepted from every author or studio, the length of film must not exceed 10 minutes.
Every film must be recorded on a separate cassette or disk.

The organization fee for show of every film is 10 Euro.

The following videofilms are accepted for participation in the festival: on mini DV cassettes or on DVD disks. The film on a disk must be only in DVD formats (MPEG-2 or AVI). Cassettes and disks must be packed in hard cases. Soundtracks, caption or subtitle of the presented film must be in Russian (insignificant inclusion of text in English is permitted).

best film programme (studio being awarded)
best film devoted to school problems
best live-action film
best documentary film
best animated cartoon
best experimental film
best music video clip
best film up to 60 seconds
best film script
best film production
best acting
best camera work
best styling of the film
best sound work
best film with patriotic motives
best film within the theme "I choose life!"
on prevention of delinquency and drug dependence
best film within the theme "Road safety"
best film devoted to folk art

All participants are given a participant's certificate, festival winners are awarded with diplomas and gifts.
Films-winners are kept in the festival archives.

A competition of videofilms devoted to particular subject, with the length of below 1 minute, is held within the framework of the festival; each group must have a video camera. The editing of films is made using the equipment of festival organisers.