Halasz Dental Clinic’ netfilm competition |  24 03


Starting page:
Make a one-minute film and win 500.000 HUF!

1. Inviting application
In Hungary people have got only 10 of their own teeth on the average, another 10 false teeth or they have missing teeth. Dental statistics show that most people only seek the dentist’s help when their complaint is severe, and when their tooth cannot be saved.

Project: Dental Implant for a Lifetime

Aim: Promotion of the Halász Clinic ( www.impladentclinic.hu )
and dental implantology

Task: make a maximum one minute long film, and load it up on YouTube (www.youtube.com) until 12th April. The link you will get should be sent to info@halaszklinika.tv address.

The originator of the competition will monitor the number of downloadings between 13th April and 12th May until 30 days. The film with the largest number of viewers during this period of time will be the winner.

Play and win 500000 HUF approx. $2,500.00 (in gross)!

2. Conditions of the application
Competitors should make their maximum one minute long film suitable for uploading and sharing on the Internet.

The style of the film should be humorous yet worthy of a leading dental clinic.

The film should be made and uploaded toYouTube during the competition’s period.

The winner will be whose film is downloaded by the largest number of viewers.

Only those films are accepted in competition that display the following advertising sheet and text from www.halaszklinika.tv internet address:

1. Dental implant for a lifetime
Halász Clinic

2. №1 in dental implantology
Halász Clinic

The film’s story should be interesting, unusual, simple, easily noticable, may be personal but must be connected to the project’s goals of promoting the dental clinic and implantology.

To be successful you should have an interesting idea, because otherwise the viewers would not be motivated to share it with others on the internet.

Film production and uploading phase:
12th March-12th April 2009.

Viewing and evaluation phase.
13th April-12th May 2009.

Publication of the result:
13th May 2009, 4pm
Live, online tv show
We expect competitors from every part of the world, but the films should be either in Hungarian or with English subtitles.

3. Advertisement sheets:

1. Dental implant for a lifetime
Halász Clinic

2. №1 in dental implantology
Halász Clinic
linking should be possible to www.halaszklinika.hu and www.impladentclinic.hu

4. Video uploading:
Upload the maximum 1 minute long film onto www.youtube.com. The link you get should be sent to info@halaszklinika.tv internet address.

5. Contact: