Four River Film Festival Call for Entries |  15 03

Call for Entries is open for the 2nd Four River Film Festival that will be held from 10th - 13th September 2009 in Karlovac.
The Four River Film Festival will take place for the second and it is held annually. The newest film and video accomplishments from young authors will be presented on it and the competition will be based on an international level. Authors between 14 and 20 years of age can take part in the festival. Organizers are Croatian Film Clubs’ Association and Cinema Club Karlovac Submission deadline for 2nd Four River Festival is 1st June 2009.

Four River Film Festival will take place for the second time as a part of traditional Croatian Youth Film Festival. It will showcase the latest .lm and video accomplishments by young authors in an international competition programme. Authors between 14 and 20 years of age can participate in the festival.
Croatian Film Clubs’ Association
Cinema Club Karlovac
The Croatian Audiovisual Centre
Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, Republic of Croatia
The City of Karlovac

1. Authors between 14 and 20 years of age can participate in the festival
2. Every author or group can apply with an inde.nite number of .lms and videos. It is recommended that .lms not be longer than 30 minutes.
3. Videos can be sent in the following formats: DVD-R (only in DVD-video format), VHS, Mini DV, DVCAM, SVHS, Hi8, DIG 8, BETACAM (in SP-standard) Videos received on a CD will not be taken into consideration!
4. Videos can be sent on:
a) A separate tape or DVD
There should be at least 10 seconds of black signal before the video begins and it would be very useful if there were a few seconds of colour bar and tone test before the black signal
b) More videos on one tape or DVD There should be at least 10 minutes of black signal before the video begins. A list of titles should be attached to the tape or DVD. The recording should be continuous (if possible) with a continuous TIME CODE, i.e. every new .lm or video should continue on the black signal of the previous one (time code also continues).
5. Deadline for submission of .lms/videos for competition (see below): 1st July 2009
6. Every author should .ll in the Entry Form legibly, put it together with the .lm or video and send it before the deadline ends.
7. Films/videos must not be older than 1st January 2007.
8. Competition copies shall be returned to the Applicant at the organizer’s cost within a month of the closing date of the Festival.
9. For the purposes of promotion, the Organizer has the right to utilize publicity material related to the production and to broadcast, transmit or screen clips, as well as make copies for Croatian Film Clubs’ Association’s Archive. The Organizer will handle the films and videos with care, but is not responsible for any damage that occurs during sending by post. Films and videos recorded on a DVD will not be returned.
10. The jury, who is selected by the Croatian Film Club’s Association Executive Committee on the Organizer’s recommendation, will work publicly according to the UNICA (Union Internationale du cinema) principles.
11. After the selection, films and videos will be put into the main programme according to their categories and announced on 15th July 2009 on the Festival’s web-page: Selected participants will be also notified via e-mail.
12. Entry Forms must be submitted together with electronically transmittable enclosures no later than 1st July 2009. Anything received after that date will not be taken into consideration.
13. Films/videos should be sent to the following address:
(Four River Film Festival)
Tuskanac 1
10000 Zagreb

If possible, for the purposes of publishing the festival catalogue please send the entry form on the following
e-mail address as well -, along with a digital photo (still) from the film and a
digital photo from the shooting.
Contact person::
Sanja Zanki (Cinema Club Karlovac) Karlovac))
+385 91 581 7291
+385 98 290 103