Once again – a new site for video movie producers is born |  15 03


This site is not a rival to nordfilm.net or davk.dk etc., but mostly a supplement to those sites. A supplement that has the focus at the films them selves and not focus on how to do things as technical smartness or computer programs.

The intention behind this site is to be the spot for exchange of videos made by persons, privates or parts of organisations such as schools and film institutes, video clubs, small film companies, etc.

The users just have to be serious about making videos.

For that reason the comments to the films are important.

No point of view is too narrow or too wide. But we expect serious videos and comments from you.

The basic of the site is to bring up the possibilities to test qualities of ones films to a large competent audience.

Correct – there is no forums for “fiddlesticks”.

VideoRendezvous.net expects up-loads without doubtful or disreputable content as well as no violation of third part may appear. The person (user) who made the up-loads got fully responsibility for the content of the film as well as the soundtrack regarding the clearing for any copyright of music or images belonging to third parties.

If the VideoRendezvous.net finds violations to those rules, the film will be removed from the site without any notice and in worst case, the user will be excluded.

The VideoRendezvous.net is independent to other organisations and has no sponsors for the moment (Mar. 2009).

For now the site is free to use and only the future (over the next year) will show the coming financing of the site.

Best regards

Kay Haagensen

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