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The V th International festival of audio-visual arts «Videologia» will take place in autumn 2008 in Volgograd, Russia.

Our Festival is held in Volgograd (former Stalingrad) every year in autumn during five years. It is one of advanced and acknowledged international projects realized in the sphere of actual arts in Russia. The festival «Videologia» is developing and aspiring to become the straightforward forum of the actual trends of contemporary arts process. We invite you to take part in our festival.
The subject of the V International festival of audio-visual arts «Videologia» is S-PORT/ The last Escape.

Is it an invitation to talk about sport? We can say yes or no. The double name is not casual also. «Last port»? Who will be the last to moor in this port? There are more questions than answers. It is clear that in the human social-cultural practice there is one specific domain which arranges and mimicries in every way to look like «just» an amusement or a big business, a mode of life or a cult, but nevertheless it can not be defined through one of the these notions. We offer to straightly open the screen covering sport, to look at it and feel it keenly by means of art. The sport reality in modern world does not differ much from ancient times. Both ritual practice and cruelty of sacrifice are available. Sport is an industry of entertainment and a mode of life and a fashion and sex and big politics and even probable distinct war. We see all this around us and sometimes appears the clear feeling of pressing and everywhere mechanism of spectacular society, tryi ng to represent deathly-silicon as attractive and fresh. But in spite of all this in the environment among the information boom through the simple physical actions and bright sincere emotional experience, connecting with sport, with the reality of pain which it embodies, with spontaneity of experience and possibility of the human action, we can clear see the real heroism, personal exploit and individual prayer.

Anyone wishing, both professional and amateur apart from age, gender, social status, nationality or religion, political and aesthetic preferences, can take part in our festival. We invite all kind of creative persons: motion picture producers of independent cinema, animators, producers of documental cinema, videoartists and designers, musicians, cameramen, critics, journalists, spectators and activists!
All the works received by our festival will be kept in the media library and will not be sent back to authors. The competition program may be divided into two parts: international and Russian. The champions of the competition program will be defined by the professional jury as well as by the spectators voting. The staff of the jury will be promulgated on the site of the festival.

To take part in the competition program you should send your works on the electronic carriers (CD, DVD) with the written and signed questionnaire of competition program to our address «S.PORT/ The last Escape».

Regulations of the V International Festival of Audio-visual arts

1. Participation in the festival is free of charge.

2. DVD and Mini DV formats are acceptable for selection program.

3. Only works produced not earlier than January 1st 2006 are applicable.

4. Duration of works should not exceed 30 minutes (exceptions may apply).

5. The panel of coordinators of the festival will assemble the selection program that will be evaluated by jury and audience of VIDEOLOGIA 2008.

6. The entry form should accompany the work sent to the festival (emails with attached files with entry forms are acceptable).

7. Deadline for submissions is October 20th, 2008 (postmark).

8. All deliveries from international participants should be marked: "no commercial value - for cultural purposes only".

9. All entrants will be notified by November 1st, 2008.

10. The entry implies full acceptance of the regulations.

Entry forms can be found in the attached files.

For any information please mail us volgafest@yandex.ru
or visit the official web site www.videology.ru

Send your works to

Yaroslav V. Khokhlov

Do vostrebovaniya

Volgograd 400066